September 30, 2010

I am who I am

If you saw me laughing like i will die..
Hey friends!!!!
I'm just like that..happy with my life and peeps around me...
Happy with my family...I live my life before i die..

If you saw me eat like i'm not eating for a month..
Ohohohoh..that is me..
I'm just enjoy the dishes..and i'm being grateful that i can eat before I can't..

If you saw me crying like there was a funeral..
I just nearly give up..I'm sad..
I just wanna show my feeling 'coz I am a woman..only a woman..

If you saw me angry like i am the most angriest person in the world..
That is
It is just the only way for me to make me release..feel free.peace.

If you saw me keep silence..
Erm I just need some space.. to grow. free.
And I hope can be a better person one day..

That was me..

I'm preferred to be hated for who I am..

Coz that is a very honest feelings towards me..


love, ZIEMA


  1. true. just be urself. ohh, nanti ko ngan kak lea da takde. *sob sob*

  2. yeah babe...
    gonna miss ko gakk..
    nnti tkde sape nak snap pic cun kitorang dah..


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